Global Biorisk Management Institute (GBMI) was founded in 2008 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Frontline Healthcare Workers Safety Foundation. Our mission is providing internationally accredited, accessible, and sustainable biosafety, biosecurity, and public health preparedness training to enhance worldwide biosafety and biosecurity capacity. In fulfilling this mission we seek to:

• Foster an internationally credentialed biosafety professionphoto2
• Improve the accessibility and comparability of biosafety training
• Promote the sustainability of regional and national biosafety professional associations

Our biosafety and biocontainment online training is specifically designed to:
• Address the absence of internationally accredited biosafety and public health preparedness training
• Resolve healthcare training inequality around the world
• Introduce location-specific language, customs, regulations, and financial barriers to existing biosafety training
• Increase accessibility to high-quality biosafety training in low-resource countries by removing cost barriers
• Introduce sustainability to establish permanent cultures of biosafety
• Apply novel advances in technology to support laboratory best practices

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