GBMI was founded in 2008 to build worldwide biosafety and biosecurity capacity by fostering an internationally credentialed biosafety profession, improving the accessibility and comparability of biosafety training, and promoting the sustainability of regional and national biosafety professional associations.

The Global Biorisk Management Institute was formed as a response to:


  • absence of internationally accredited biosafety and public health preparedness training,
  • inequality in healthcare training around the world,
  • fixed courses taught from country to country lacking awareness for location specific language, customs, regulations, and financial barriers,
  • in-accessibility of certain locations,
  • non-sustainability of face-to-face training,
  • expense of face-to-face training, and
  • novel advances in technology offering timely, affordable, accessible, effective, and sustainable means for overcoming the above.

GBMI is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Frontline Healthcare Workers Safety Foundation, Ltd. (Frontline Foundation), a global NGO headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Frontline has more than a decade of experience training personnel working with or around biological hazards, lending the knowledge and skill to make GBMI the world leader in internationally accredited biosafety and public health preparedness training.

Bringing years of experience in the field and taking advantage of all the latest trends in technology, we are excited to share our expertise with you.

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