Grant Award

Frontline Foundation, GBMI’s parent company received a BEP grant to develop four courses for biosafety professionals in Pakistan. Course content follows the requirements for the IFBA certification exams. The online courses are available with Urdu translations.

These internationally accredited interactive courses are available through GBMI for professionals in other countries who are interested in professional development as well as people needing help preparing for the IFBA certification exams.
The available courses are:

Biorisk Management
Biohazardous Waste Management
The Care and Use of Biosafety Cabinets
Dual Use Reseach of Concern.

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GBMI partnered with the West Africa-America Chamber of Commerce & Industries (WAACCI) to host a summit regarding the status of the world’s fight against the Ebola Virus. The keynote speaker was Dr.  Fiemu Nwariaku, Associate Dean for Global Health and Malcolm Perry Professor of Surgery, at UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas. Dr. Nwariaku discussed the amazing success story of how Nigeria confronted, contained, and eliminated Ebola from within its borders. 

GBMI partnered with the International Federation of  Biosafety Associations (IFBA) and the Association of Biosafety for Australia & New Zealand (ABSANZ) at the 20th International AIDS Conference. to advocate for strengthened HIV biosafety and occupational health at the local level in laboratories and hospitals worldwide.

The global burden of occupationally acquired HIV is estimated at 2.5% of all cases, most of which are preventable with adherence to biosafety and good practices. There is a need for more meaningful engagement with the international biosafety community in implementing robust HIV biosafety programs. Over the next year, the International Federation of Biosafety Associations (IFBA) will actively engage governments, international agencies and other stakeholders to encourage partnerships with their Members, and to better integrate biosafety as a central component of national HIV control strategies. In Australia, the ABSANZ is providing guidance to national authorities on harmonizing and simplifying biosafety policies, guidelines and laboratory oversight, using risk-based approaches. Globally, GBMI is creating online biosafety training courses tailored to country-specific requirements in local languages to meet training needs.


AP Article with Dr. Cohen – Ricin Used in Three Recent Cases

Glenn Beck Interviews Dr. Cohen and Panel of Experts to Answer Ebola Questions on The Blaze (Video)

AP Article with Dr. Cohen – Ricin Used in Three Recent Cases

Dr. Cohen Interviewed by Greta Van Susteren of Fox News about Ricin (Video)

News Article from Canada’s National Post quoting Dr. Cohen on Ricin

AP quotes Dr. Cohen in an Article about Ricin

Keynote Speaker at The Harold Schafer Institute for Excellence in Healthcare (Video)


Dr. Cohen receiving the Everett Hanel, Jr. Presidential Award

Hanel Award

Dr. Cohen (Center) with Reed Cohen and Dr. Elizabeth Cohen after receiving the Everett Hanel, Jr. Presidential Award from American Biological Safety Association (ABSA). 
“The Everett Hanel, Jr. Presidential Award is given to a current ABSA member for outstanding contributions to the American Biological Safety Association by promoting the field of biological safety and fostering, by example, the high professional standards of the Association’s membership.”